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Umman Beton Mak. İnş. Paz. İth. İhr. San. ve Tic. A.Ş. alates 06768

Umman Beton Mak. İnş. Paz. İth. İhr. San. ve Tic. A.Ş.

Herr Ahmet Nizam

1341. Cad (Eski 35. Cad) No: 71 İvedik Organize Sanayi / ANKARA 71
06768 06768


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Umman machinery, metal processing and steel construction, operating in the field, closely following technological developments and changes, quality and customer satisfaction-oriented structure in a short period of time has become the market share in the sector has become. İvedik from Ankara still Turkey’s most established industrial area with 3000 m2 closed area in Organized Industrial Zone of Oman concrete; Stationary and Mobile Concrete Plants, Concrete Mixers, Concrete Flooring is one of Turkey’s machinery manufacturers and Briquets Machinery.

*All of our products are made with care and covered for 1 year warranty!
*Installation and Operator Training FREE

UMMAN Concrete Mixers; single shaft, twin shaft and planet-type models are produced in three different models and different capacities. Designed to provide a comprehensive and wide range of high performance solutions in different capacities to meet all concrete needs of our customers

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Keramsiit masin Umman Concrete Block And Brick Making Machine
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