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XtraSharp Machinery Co., Ltd. alates Taichung

XtraSharp Machinery Co., Ltd.

Herr William Joly

Lane 565, Pu Tsu St. Feng Yuan Dist. 145
42072 Taichung


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XtraSharp Machinery Co., Ltd.

No. 145, Lane 565, Pu Tsu St., Feng Yuan Dist., 42072 Taichung, Taiwan

Business Owner: Ken Chiu

Tel: +886 425245434

Producing Professional Rip Saws and Grinders for the Wood Industry Worldwide!

All our machines are made in Taichung, Taiwan, which belongs to the World’s top 4 exporting countries for woodworking machinery.

Our team always strives to ensure high quality by following the stringent requirements from CE, UL and CSA certifications.

If your project requests an efficient solution with a favorable cost/performance ratio, please consider XtraSharp first!

Here, you can find the Optimal lineup!

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XtraSharp Machinery Co., Ltd.
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X Blade mitu rip saag XtraSharp SJ-120XP
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EzGrind klassikaline Jahvatajad XtraSharp ST-10XP / ST-35XP
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Otsetee mitu rip saag XtraSharp SJ-95XP
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