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Wira Grafik GmbH

Herr Vinko Razgorsek

Vieringhausen 96
42857 Remscheid


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Herr Vinko Andre Razgorsek

Keeled: Saksa, Inglise, Slowenisch

Wira Grafik GmbH
Vieringhausen 96
D-42857 Remscheid

Amtsgericht: Wuppertal HRB 26927
USt-Id Nr.: DE252016680

Herr Vinko Razgorsek, Geschäftsführer

Wira Grafik Presents - purchase & sales - assembly & dismantling - transport & service

We have been present on the market for as long as 30 years. In this time, we have developed into a highly qualified partner in Germany and Europe in the field of printing. As a competent partner, we can advise you, notify you and help you, as well as find the best possible solution in the field of graphic machines together with you.

We have been on this path since the year 1987. As an independent entrepreneur "Graphische Maschinen Razgorsek", we have acquired a lot of experience in the field of graphics machine sales and created a good name for ourselves in the European market. By founding the limited liability company "Wira Grafik GmbH" in the year 2005, we combine our long years of experience with today's knowledge. Thus, our company constantly progresses and does not rest on the success of previous years.

See for yourself. We are looking forward to your visit, written inquiry or call. We are a reliable and responsible partner in the field of graphic machines.

Our values

When we observe today's market, it becomes clear to us, that the world of economy is shrinking. The market is transparent, the limits for the entry onto the market are low, the competition is high and products and services in the market are very similar. This issue is reflected in the sales of various fields, sizes and countries. Thus, our task is to create differences, through which our service will distinguish itself from that of our competition.

The company Wira Grafik GmbH is a small and medium sized family company. We are distinguished from our competition through long years of experience, international market processing, flexibility and technical knowledge. Our values are reliability, friendliness, honesty, fair play, openness and direction towards the service.

Our mission is:

We sell quality printing machines at fair prices.

No wish of our client is impossible for us.

Long years of experience are reflected in the success of our clients.

We devote all of our attention and our hospitality to our client at all times as the client is our engine and his satisfaction is our drive.

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